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    My #SSDGM Month: Mantras To Stay Alive

    I’ve developed a few important mantras to help me stay alive. As I shared in my previous post, working in T.V. almost killed me. I developed one of the mantras during that time. These three mantras have encouraged some to say they want me to be their life coach (no joke!) and others just find them wildly entertaining. No matter which camp you fall into, I think these mantras can definitely help you! What mantras do you have to stay alive!? Share them in the comments!

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    My Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Murdered Month!

    YOU GUYS! The new book Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Murdered has established a cult following though I think it already had a cult following because it’s based on the popular podcast My Favorite Murder. I’m just now listening to the podcast so I can call myself a Murderino. (We on the inside know what this means 😉 ) I pre-ordered the book back in February because as soon as I saw the title I was HOOKED! What a fabulous title!! I mean, how can you NOT read this!? I read it while on vacation in Carlsbad and it totally inspired me! So during the month of July, I’m coming…

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    Summer Reading List 2019

    Well, we’ve made it through dreadful May and we’re ready to start our summer! I can’t believe I’m writing about the summer reading for 2019, it seems just a minute ago I wrote the summer reading list for 2018. We’ll be jetting off to Southern California soon, so I know I’ve got to get my books ready to go! Hopefully, you’ll set aside time this summer to indulge in a good book or simply take some time for yourself! Summer Reading Stay Sexy & Don’t Get Murdered. The title ALONE should make you click the link immediately and purchase! I first heard about this title in February and have been…