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    My #SSDGM Month: Ladies Talk Sexy

    So for my final installment of My Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Murdered Month, I thought it would be fun to talk to other ladies about what being sexy means to them! I have spoken with four different women, different ages, different backgrounds about what it means to be sexy, who they find sexy and what makes someone sexy! These ladies are absolutely PHENOMENAL and I adored listening to their answers!! I wish I could have used every single thing they said because it was so good! I also want to start a show with the two 20-something sisters because they were adorable and funny and made me smile!!

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    My #SSDGM Month: Mantras To Stay Alive

    I’ve developed a few important mantras to help me stay alive. As I shared in my previous post, working in T.V. almost killed me. I developed one of the mantras during that time. These three mantras have encouraged some to say they want me to be their life coach (no joke!) and others just find them wildly entertaining. No matter which camp you fall into, I think these mantras can definitely help you! What mantras do you have to stay alive!? Share them in the comments!

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    My #SSDGM Month: Working in TV Almost Killed Me

    Once I decided I wanted to become a T.V. news producer, it made me feel so good to have a focus. I discovered my love of journalism in high school, but I knew I didn’t want to work for a newspaper. No one in the business had anything good to say about it and made it seem very un-glamorous. When I got to college and discovered T.V. news, I was hooked. It was fast-paced, glamorous (at least to me!) and seemed to fit my personality perfectly. Getting my first job easily out of college solidified my decision to be a news producer. Being a journalist was very important to me.…

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    My #SSDGM Month: Naps, Nordstrom and Necessary Pampering

    If you’ve visited my social media profiles (and you should cuz obvi – IG, FB, and the occasional tweet) you know I stand behind three main pillars: Naps, Nordstrom and Necessary Pampering. Why? Because I firmly believe the three are necessary for self-care. Let’s talk naps because, in my experience, they’re controversial. Somewhere along the way, we Americans got the idea napping is for the lazy. I disagree! I believe you need to recharge throughout the day! One of my doctors even has a recliner in his office and typically grabs a 30-minute nap during his daily lunch hour. Sometimes it’s not even because my body is tired, but my…

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    My Girls Are Terrified Of Divorce

    My sweet girls have suddenly developed a fear of divorce. Sadly, two friends, who incidentally also live on either side of us, have parents who just went through a divorce and are selling their homes. It’s been confusing for them. They don’t understand what divorce means. We’ve explained it the best way we can for their ages (8 and 4). Simply the mommy and daddy aren’t married anymore and will live in different places. This idea is terrifying to them. Just today, my youngest blurted out on the way home from church, “I DON’T WANT TO MOVE AND LIVE IN A SMALLER HOUSE!” Completely out of the blue. When I…

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    Carlsbad is the Perfect Spot for Families

    My hubs and I have been coming to Southern California for years and have visited many different towns – San Diego, Coronado, Mission Bay, and Carlsbad. We stayed in Carlsbad for the first time in 2016. We came for our 10 year wedding anniversary and fell in love. The entire time we were here we kept saying, “oh my gosh, the girls would love it here!” Or “we have to bring the girls here!” But three years went by before we were able to bring the girls to Carlsbad. Life and other important trips (ahem, Disney) kept pushing back our timeline to get the girls here.  When we stayed here…

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    Being A Good Mom is So Damn Hard

    Why is being a good mom so damn hard? I love them, feed them, care for them. I’m PTO President, a Girl Scout co-leader. And, apparently, indulger of unfairnesses that may befall them. Let me explain. I’m throwing my 4 year-old a watermelon party for exactly one reason: guilt.  This year, my sweet Caroline celebrated her first communion one week before her 8th birthday. We had a small reception with cake and presents for her communion. Then the following weekend we celebrated with a unicorn party. It was pretty epic for an 8th birthday if I do say so myself. So Kate started in with a desire for a watermelon…

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    My Brain Is A Shelf And Sometimes It’s Full

    Oh my goodness, it’s May in academia and that means it’s balls to the wall time. Full calendars, too many end of the year activities, recitals, and performances to count. I’m a big believer in my calendar and reminders apps. These things save my brain and my life all the time. It just sucks because I’ve always had such a good memory. I can recount – in vivid detail – things from high school or growing up, but won’t remember my husband asked me to lock the back door before we go to bed three seconds ago. But motherhood, busy schedules and, apparently aging, have left my war-torn brain to…

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    Things You Forget About Yourself

    Is it just me or has age, motherhood and too many life experiences to catalogue caused you to forget parts of yourself? Kind of in the same way Rachel McAdams character, Allie, in the Notebook forgot she loved to paint, I forgot I was a good writer. Sadly, this isn’t the first time I’ve forgotten this piece of information. Right after I left the T.V. business, I quickly forgot. In fairness, when you’re surrounded by people who are all good writers, it’s easy to forget it’s not a universal skill. Then I wrote my first book. It was hard and messy and made me doubt myself immensely. I ended up…

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    Word I Hate: Influencer

    A popularized word I absolutely hate was the topic of conversation today between a friend and I just had to talk about it here. Influencer. UGGGHHHH! I HATE THAT WORD. Not too long ago, I told a different friend I hated the word and she said, “Well, you better get over it because it’s not going anywhere!” I groaned, rolled my eyes and prayed to the gods of the crazy town people who insist on using it to describe themselves. During today’s conversation my friend said something SO ON POINT that explained exactly how I feel about the word and I had to share it with you because it’s brilliant.…

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    My Kids Birthdays Are A Big Deal To Me

    Growing up, I always loved my birthday. Not because I couldn’t wait for all the gifts (I mean, that was a definite bonus), but because it was one day that was ALL. ABOUT. ME! My parents and brothers were totally engrossed in soccer. Travel soccer. So many fields all weekend long, sweating and whining and crying … oh, wait, that was me. I was so happy when I was finally old enough to stay home by myself so I didn’t have to sit and watch a sport I knew nothing about surrounded by people I didn’t know. No one was my age, so I was basically just standing there next…

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    Mommy Has A Potty Mouth and My 4-Year Old Knows It

    Okay, so let’s just get right down to it. Yes, I curse on a regular occasion. I’d say I can’t help it, but I think we both know that’s a lie. I will say a lot of the time words come flying out when I wasn’t even meaning to, but I’m certainly aware of my potty mouth. Frankly, I just feel I better convey my thoughts and feelings through foul language. Recently, a study came out saying smarter people use curse words. I mean, I’m not going to argue that! I also speed while driving and like to mentally race everyone next to me – at the gym, on the…

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    What It’s Really Like to Be PTO President

    As I wrap up my freshman year as PTO president and prepare for my second term in office, I thought I would take a look at what it’s really like to be top dog at my daughter’s elementary school. BAHAHA! Clearly, I’m joking. That’s one of the biggest misnomers about the position – that I have any real power. I say that in jest as I do recognize the importance of the PTO, but some people think I actually get a say in how the school is run. HILARIOUS! I never set out to be PTO president. Being on the board wasn’t really even on my radar. During my daughter’s…

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    Reusable Bag Trouble

    I’m seriously struggling to use reusable bags. It’s something I want to do! A year ago I made a commitment to start using fewer plastic bags (though I do reuse those and keep them stuffed inside other bags in my house for optimal reuse!). But I just cannot seem to remember to use them! Today I even punished myself for forgetting. Again. What help can you offer me!? Clearly, I’m struggling and I want to do better!

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    I’ve Always Considered My Personality Detrimental

    Most days I’m a loud, bubbly, giggly, happy person. I’m the kind of person who often feels she’s speaking at a normal decibel and someone taps you and says, “Um, you’re yelling.” I’m always the one who’s voice carries louder than anyone else’s. (Face palm) It’s just who I am. It’s just part of my personality. But I’m very aware of it. And I know most people find it super overwhelming. So I’m typically very careful about rolling it out to people. I want to make sure they are ready for me to take my personality to the next level before I let them see the whole real me. Once…

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    Why I Don’t Think Microblading Is Right For Me

    I am a high maintenance person. This is one of the many things I know very well about myself. I’ve tried, in the past, to deny my higher calling and it’s always ended in disaster. For me and those around me (namely my husband). And so now, when I’m feeling guilty because I’m acutely aware of a high maintenance thing I’m doing, I try to make a joke of it. Mostly so people will still do it while realizing I’m aware of my flaws. 😬👑 But microblading has been on my mind lately. Like a lot. So, I thought I would talk about it. Here’s the link to the gal I’m…

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    The One Phrase Moms Need To Hear More Often

    Maybe it was just me, but I thought after I survived the newborn phase, you know lack of sleep, overwhelmed feeling that won’t go away, I would have a few years to regroup before the teenage years when I would have that feeling again. No? Just me? Okay, carry on. 🙂 But ever since my first was born, I feel like I’ve been on high alert. She has low muscle tone and requires physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy to help overcome those challenges. If you looked at her, you likely wouldn’t even know she struggles. Her pediatrician used to make me cry at every appointment. She was constantly…

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    Rejected From My Dream Job

    In honor of my new podcast launching, I’ll be writing a few career related blogs. Check out My First Dollar! I’ve learned so many things on my career path, but here’s the most important one: your dream job doesn’t exist. You create it. The year was 2007 and my career was feeling rough. Following college graduation in 2004, had gotten a job in my field doing exactly what I had trained to do (be a news producer), left after a year, and had struggled ever since. I left after a year because my live-in fiance who had moved to the city I was working was offered a job back home.…

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    Girlfriends’ Guide to Female Friendships

    I love watching shows highlighting female friendships. It’s why I loved Sex and the City and now Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce on Netflix (it’s 4 seasons and over now, so I’m late to the party). The hubs was a little concerned about my interest in a show about divorce, but I told him – that’s just one piece of the plot. I absolutely adore Abby and her friendships and watching how they interact. Their interaction is interesting for three reasons: 1. Female friendships are some of the lost sacred and difficult relationships I’ve ever been involved. 2. It’s wonderfully liberating to know all female friendships suffer from the same problems.…

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    Marketing For My Church

    Earlier this summer I was given an opportunity to do something I really love: marketing for my church. For the past 81 years, St. Christopher Catholic Church has hosted a mid-summer festival. I have jokingly called it the biggest non-race event in Speedway. I don’t know if that’s true, but we can just go with it 🙂 Each year thousands of people turn out for our hand-battered fish, carnival rides, casino games and, for the last few years, our beer selection. It’s a wonderful tradition my family has always enjoyed. As a young child, my mom was in charge of handling carry out and we’d help out alongside her. For…

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    What My 3 Year-Old’s Outfit Says About My Parenting

    My 3 year-old has a very unique sense of style. Her outfit choices very daily. And sometimes hourly. In fact, I don’t even think she knows what she likes. I mean, of course, she doesn’t know what she likes. She’s 3. Or as I like to call kids at this age, threenagers. They are little people reflecting what they will be like as teenagers. And it’s scary as hell. Getting her dressed daily is one of the biggest hurdles I have to leap each day. She would prefer to stay in her nightgown all day. And who can blame her? If we aren’t leaving the house, and she’s being indignant,…

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    Where I Spend Money

    As a vivacious, fashion conscious woman of the world, it’s expected I enjoy the fine art of commerce. Or as my husband likes to say: I just like to spend money. I mean, he’s not wrong. 🙂 But I’m very particular about where I spend money. Basically, I spend the most at these 4 places. Spend Money Like A Boss 1. Nordstrom Oh, Nordstrom … I couldn’t love you more if I tried! Best selection of clothes, FABULOUS customer service and free shipping and returns. I AM SOLD. I’ve been a die-hard Nordies girl since I started making my own money. They are known for their outstanding returns policy, but when…

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    Hey Girl, You Matter and You’re Making a Difference

    I’ve wanted to make an impact on the world for as long as I can remember. My desire to make a difference was the driving factor behind my children’s book Caroline Girls. But I’ve also been concerned with how much what I do matters to anyone else outside of my immediate circle. This big world can make me feel so small and I want to make a big impact. Like an Oprah or Ellen DeGeneres level impact. But with two young kids and various commitments, often I just feel like I’m running around like a crazy lady with no real end game in sight. Everything I’m involved with really matters…

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    An Independent Queen

    A Queen’s reign is a complicated, majestic monarchy best ruled by an independent empress. Or so I’ve decided as Queen of Words. 🙂 Actually, I just liked how regal and pretentious the first sentence sounded and it made me giggle to write it; plus I thought it would be a funny way to start this post. This blog has only been active for a couple months and I’m so excited to see how many different people are visiting my site! I really didn’t know who would care to read this and it also didn’t matter as I really was just doing this for a creative outlet. But now I realize how…

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    Inside Good; Outside Bad

    I’ve always loved being inside. Even as a young child, my mom has memories of me coming in from playing tag because, “MOM, I’m SWEATING!” Sweat has always been a big problem for me. I sweat profusely. It’s disgusting. Especially since it seems to primarily pour down my face. It pools in the bottom of the bra cups. Sick. Sick. Sick. It’s not like I haven’t had opportunities to learn to love the outside. Growing up, we’d go camping every weekend. It was my dad’s idea of a family vacation. He spent thousands of dollars (I’m guessing, I have no idea) so we could live like pioneers. However, anytime the…

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    Much Ado About Millennials

    The word millennials is a word I rarely consider. Mostly because I consider a millennial someone who is 10 years younger than me. While I know that’s incorrect, and despite differences in what people consider where Generation X ends and millennial begins, it’s clear I’m on the cusp of both generations. Parts of the newest generation appeal to me – the desire to use technology whenever possible being chief principle – but largely this generation has many perceived negative attributes. People say they’re selfish, professionally unprepared, overly stimulated little brats. Okay, I’m paraphrasing, but I’m not wrong. Millennials and Marketing But today I began thinking about millennials and marketing while buying…

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    My 6 Year Old Wants A YouTube Channel

    Any mom with kids of a certain age knows which YouTube channel their child is addicted to most. Fortunately, we have graduated from the videos of the person’s hands opening toys. Those were mind-numbing. I nearly lost my sanity several times enduring those with my daughter. My 6-year-old daughter Caroline now routinely watches Family Fun Pack, Daily Bumps, and CookieSwirlC. The first two videos mentioned are more like little T.V. shows. Caroline knows all of the family members, anecdotes and other information about each of these people. Overall, I don’t mind them. During Christmas, though, they started to grate on my nerves with all of the magical things their Elf on…

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    Sending Real Cards

    Something I used to do frequently was to send or give cards. In high school, I was obsessed with the Hallmark line called “Out of the Blue.” I probably gave one out at least once a week. Sometimes it was to apologize because I had been angry with a friend but most of the time it was because it simply made me happy to give someone something to make them happy. Even back then, oh so many years ago, sending cards was a lost art form. But I intend to bring it back! I’m getting back to basics by reintroducing my favorite pick up me – sending real cards. I began…

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    The Queen of Words

    I’ve been called the Queen of Words and it’s a moniker I’ve adopted with pride. I’m obsessed with words, communication and I’m totally high maintenance. So it’s a perfect fit. 🙂 My new plan (as I’ve done business as the Queen of Words in the past) was to host a podcast. I’m not sure that’s the way it’s going to work out. I’ve also thought about doing short videos and hosting them on a YouTube channel. That may not work out either. I’ll get more into that later. Maybe. As you can see, I’m a creative mess. Basically, I have a lot of ideas, a need for a creative outlet…