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Being A Good Mom is So Damn Hard

Why is being a good mom so damn hard? I love them, feed them, care for them. I’m PTO President, a Girl Scout co-leader. And, apparently, indulger of unfairnesses that may befall them.

Let me explain. I’m throwing my 4 year-old a watermelon party for exactly one reason: guilt. 

This year, my sweet Caroline celebrated her first communion one week before her 8th birthday. We had a small reception with cake and presents for her communion. Then the following weekend we celebrated with a unicorn party. It was pretty epic for an 8th birthday if I do say so myself.

So Kate started in with a desire for a watermelon party. At first, I thought it was a birthday theme idea for her January birthday. The more she spoke about it, the more I realized this was not her intention. So I thought, “what’s the harm in a girl having a party?” She wanted just a couple of friends and some family. Seemed easy enough. I was very clear with her this was just a party and not a birthday meaning there would be no presents. She was good with that at first. For a whole week even!

Then she started saying, “hey! Caroline got presents at both of her parties!” And there was no convincing her otherwise. And it’s true, Caroline DID get presents at both of her parties, so because I didn’t want to put this burden on anyone else, I bought a few little gifts for her. I mean, I can’t just tell people to bring presents because my poor, sweet 4 year- old is party deprived!

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Another great idea from the babe: mommy needs a watermelon dress! I told her they don’t sell watermelon dresses for mommies. She said, “yes, they do! Look on your computer!” Low and behold, they do. DAMNIT! She proceeded to say she needed a watermelon costume. So we got that too.  And balloons and decorations. This party will be a party for the ages!

In case you aren’t tabulating, I’m now in a small fortune for this glorified play date. AGHH!

I was sharing all of this with the mother of one of her friends, she too has two daughters, and she said something to true, I have to share it with you. 

“As moms, we try so hard to make everything fair and equal, but no matter how hard we try, it never is, is it? Why is that?!”

Look, I get there are injustices my daughters will have to face. Unfairness they will have to endure. But today, I can help my girl feel happy, loved and filled with watermelon fun.

I should also add, 24 hours before the party, I was guilted by my parents to get my husband and other daughter watermelon themed shirts. They had purchased watermelon shirts for the party, my brother and his wife and twins had purchased watermelon shirts as well. So, I think everyone was super excited about this Memorial Day Weekend Watermelon Party, not just my 4-year-old. 🙂