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My Brain Is A Shelf And Sometimes It’s Full

Oh my goodness, it’s May in academia and that means it’s balls to the wall time. Full calendars, too many end of the year activities, recitals, and performances to count. I’m a big believer in my calendar and reminders apps. These things save my brain and my life all the time.

It just sucks because I’ve always had such a good memory. I can recount – in vivid detail – things from high school or growing up, but won’t remember my husband asked me to lock the back door before we go to bed three seconds ago.

But motherhood, busy schedules and, apparently aging, have left my war-torn brain to rely on apps to remind me of just about everything. It’s fairly embarrassing how many times a day I say, “oh, crap, I forgot.” Or, “shoot! I meant to do that … I just … forgot.” Or, “OH MY GOD HOW DID I FORGET THAT!?”

Sometimes the apps can’t save me from myself. Damnit.

It’s become such a thing in my house, my husband is constantly teasing me about my incessant forgetfulness, but here’s the thing:

My brain is a shelf. I only have so much room for information. Once the shelf is full, something has to leave in order to make room for new stuff.

Heather Chastain, Mother, Queen of Words, Forgetter of Many Things

So, I’m sorry if you need me to remember to get the laundry out of the washer (in the other room where I can’t see it. Out of sight, out of mind!) or I left the house with the front AND back doors unlocked. AGAIN. But it doesn’t all fit. I can only remember to get our children out the door with their shoes on and necessary gear. Door locking seems like a frivolous memory to retain. 🙂