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My Kids Birthdays Are A Big Deal To Me

Growing up, I always loved my birthday. Not because I couldn’t wait for all the gifts (I mean, that was a definite bonus), but because it was one day that was ALL. ABOUT. ME!

My parents and brothers were totally engrossed in soccer. Travel soccer. So many fields all weekend long, sweating and whining and crying … oh, wait, that was me. I was so happy when I was finally old enough to stay home by myself so I didn’t have to sit and watch a sport I knew nothing about surrounded by people I didn’t know. No one was my age, so I was basically just standing there next to my mom trying to figure out when I could get a drink from the snack stand and how much longer until the end of the god forsaken game.

But when my birthday came around – all bets were off! I got to have my favorite dinner and my parents would yell at my brother to be nice to me since it was my birthday. I got to do what I wanted to do and no one would make me feel bad about it. It. was. AWESOME.

I’ve held strong to my love of birthdays since I had my kids. When my little Caroline turned one, I had a princess party. I insisted on making cupcakes and having these milk glass cake stands. Of varying sizes, of course. I think I bought 8. Fortunately, I also used them when Kate turned one, so I’ve gotten some good use out of them! (I repeat this to myself and my husband on the regular.)

Then there was Caroline’s second birthday when she was obsessed with Daniel Tiger and I had the cake he made on the show recreated. I also shared it with show creator Angela Santomero because I’m a super stalker and friended her on Facebook. 🙂

Caroline’s 2nd Birthday Cake

I’ve continued my birthday crazy every year. Every year I promise myself I won’t make myself crazy. Every year, I fail. Like this year for example. Caroline’s party is tomorrow and I started preparing for the unicorn festivities yesterday. Ughhhhh … if you follow me on Instagram, you already know my plight. If not, get yourself acquainted.

How the Birthday Crazy Happens

Here’s how I always get myself in trouble. I start with “Oh, this doesn’t look hard at all!” Um, why do I think I can do things!? I’m seriously the poster child for the Pinterest Fails website. Maybe I should go on that show Nailed It to further demonstrate my inadequacies in this area. My new friend shared her balloon garland success on her blog (which I should also mention is kind of a big deal blog and she’s super crafty and into DIY … UGHHH why do I trick myself EVERY TIME into thinking I’m capable!?).

I mean, if you aren’t crying trying to plan your daughter’s birthday party, are you even really trying!? Despite the troubles I created on my own free will, it was actually really easy to assemble! I’m also quite confident no one else in the entire world would have thought to use helium besides me, so the fail was truly my own, in spite my friend trying to take some of the blame.

Fortunately, the unicorn food I made for the gift bags WERE super easy and fail proof for this momma. (Whew!)

The bottom line is after all the planning and stressing about making it such a wonderful day for my girls, the girls are always SUPER grateful and so happy. The joy on their faces and their dancing eyes make it all worthwhile for me. Which is how I end up in this cycle year after year. 🙂