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Mommy Has A Potty Mouth and My 4-Year Old Knows It

Okay, so let’s just get right down to it. Yes, I curse on a regular occasion. I’d say I can’t help it, but I think we both know that’s a lie. I will say a lot of the time words come flying out when I wasn’t even meaning to, but I’m certainly aware of my potty mouth.

Frankly, I just feel I better convey my thoughts and feelings through foul language. Recently, a study came out saying smarter people use curse words. I mean, I’m not going to argue that! I also speed while driving and like to mentally race everyone next to me – at the gym, on the road and otherwise. We can dive into my type-A aggression later, but let’s focus on my potty mouth.

potty mouth
I also pretend this is what I really look like while I’m feigning distress over my potty mouth. 🙂

Recently, my sweet little 4-year old has been using bad words. I’ve had to correct her even though, damn, if every time she didn’t use them correctly! The other day she even drew attention to the fact she was cursing! I overheard her mumble something, but I was distracted. She said it again and, mentally, I was like “What did she say?!” Then she looked at me and said, “Mom! I’m saying *&#^$&#!” LORD HELP ME!

Another day I heard her talking to herself or her toys in the backseat and she said “Stupid! That’s so stupid!” It’s amazing how things don’t really sound bad until you hear your sweet little one say them. I said, “Honey, let’s not say ‘stupid.’ That’s not a nice word and I don’t think you should say it.”

Just this week, she was telling me a story about something disappointing that happened to her. I replied:

“Oh, darn it!”

“Mom, why you say ‘darn it?'”

“I said ‘darn it’ because it’s so disappointing what happened to you!”

“Ummm … mom, I think ‘darn it’ is a bad word and you shouldn’t say it.”

Getting schooled by a preschooler.

After this conversation, I told my husband I’m a little stressed out with how closely she’s listening to EVERY. SINGLE. WORD. that’s coming out of my mouth.

He, of course, was no help and laughed and laughed because he’s constantly telling me to watch my potty mouth. To which I reply, “%&CK YOU!” 🙂 It’s awesome being married to me.