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Are You One Of Those Mean People?

“I hope she’s not one of those mean people…” Those were the words a barista wondered about me in the drive-thru today after she made a minor mistake on the order in front of me.

She accidentally gave the customer in the car ahead of me my beverage instead of his. He began to drive away. Fortunately, I had my window down, so I heard her call to him and she then turned to me and yelled, “I’m sorry!” When he backed up, I witnessed the transfer of beverages.

Jokingly, when I pulled up, I said, “Oh my gosh, did you try to give him MY beverage?!” We both chuckled. Then she shared, while I visibly saw her heart jump in her throat, she was worried when she realized her mistake because she dreaded having to tell the customer behind in the drive-thru line (me), they would have to wait. That’s when she said she wondered, “I hope she’s not one of those mean people…”

Immediately, I apologized for all the mean people of the world who give this sweet, young barista reason to fret over a minor mistake. I tend to overcompensate for people when I see a heinous infraction on human decency.

Tired and Slightly Inconvenienced? Yeah, Me Too

Look, I get it. When I’m tired and slightly inconvenienced, I get grumpy too. I wasn’t on this day, but I understand how frustration builds up. Also, I’m a kind and empathetic human. 🙂

But, people, come on … we also have this wonderful thing in our heads that allows us to think about what we’re doing and gives us time to process and take pause if we’re about to bark at a barista or sigh disapprovingly and roll our eyes at a minimum wage service worker just trying to do their job.

It’s a brain, in case you didn’t catch my drift. (This is a particularly snarky sentence, but I also kind of like it. 👑)

So, next time, before you burden a well-intentioned stranger with your baggage, remember you’ve made mistakes today and you didn’t have to worry about being reproached by an irritable individual whom you don’t know and will likely never think about you again.