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My Best Podcast YET!

Just a few months ago I was a wide-eyed optimist with a desire to tell stories about business and entrepreneurs. I’m still that girl, but I’m also wiser since I sat down at the end of July and published the first episode of My First Dollar.

Asking questions has never been a problem for me. I’ve got an inquisitive mind, a natural curiosity and the inability to set appropriate boundaries. 🙂 I mean, what good journalist doesn’t ask the tough questions!? I was TRAINED to be this way, people! LOL

I’ve been so focused on scheduling interviews, scripting and promoting (note I didn’t say editing because I’ve got a guy who does that so I don’t lose my mind trying to do it myself), I hadn’t stopped to take a look at my statistics. A couple of weeks ago someone in one of the podcast groups I’m apart on Facebook shared a milestone moment. This person had finally surpassed 500 downloads.

As a Sprint customer, I don’t download any podcast episodes because I have unlimited data, so I sat there for a second wondering … is that a lot?

Of course, I had no idea about my own stats. So I did some digging. I’m not loving the way iTunes shows stats because it’s vague and uninformative, but my hosting site has a lot more detail. It’s still not super fabulous intel, but I had surpassed 500 downloads as well! YAY ME! I was so happy!! Naturally, my next step was to find out which episode was best.

Best Podcast YET

To date, my best podcast features my dad! I couldn’t help but laugh when I learned this for two reasons: 1) I knew he’d LOVE knowing he’s so popular and 2) I knew sharing that info with my followers would sound like some form of nepotism.

In truth, I wasn’t overly surprised because he did a great job telling his story. The details he gave and the way he presented the information was really engaging. And most of what he shared was new to me as well! It was fun getting to know these parts of my dad he’d never shared before.

My mom dug up some old photos of my dad so I could shed a little more light into his backstory and you could see him evolve over the years.

Thank you all for listening in the podcast! I’m excited about some of the new guests I have coming up! Make sure you subscribe, download and leave a review!