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Hanging Out on the SpinWeb Podcast

A few weeks ago I reached out to the president of digital marketing agency SpinWeb because I had begun listening to their podcast. Michael, the president, also happens to be the co-host.

I wanted to learn all about how they structure it, the software and their recording studio. Michael and I had a great conversation and he invited me to come in and watch. Then he changed his mind and said he’d like to have me on with them!


He warned it was nothing elaborate, but I didn’t care. I just wanted to see how it was done. Michael shared his co-host Allison’s husband helped them decide where to put the acoustic foam on the walls inside the office the podcast – SpinRadio – is recorded.

They warned me I would need to speak loudly. I laughed and informed them never in the history of EVER has anyone had to encourage me to speak loudly. In fact, I’m consistently getting myself in trouble for being loud all the time. I had my mouth right up to the mic and was ready to chat with them. 

Seeing my name pop up in my notifications for the SpinWeb podcast was (I’m sorry to admit) really exciting!

What really shocked me: how quiet I sound! I couldn’t believe it! This has never happened before!

Oh right, this post shouldn’t just be about me. 🙂 

Anyway, it was wonderful learning about the software they use, how they live stream the podcast and how they curate content. 

They also gave me some great tips on my own website and ways I can improve my digital marketing! I already reached out to my designer to discuss implementing their strategies. 

I’m so grateful they invited me to be part of their podcast!