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Low Carb is Terrible for Active Moms

I always said I would never go low carb. Research shows your brain needs carbs especially first thing in the morning. But 3 1/2 years after having a baby, still struggling to lose weight, it seemed I needed to do something drastic.

Sadly, every time I turn around these days someone is saying to me “you need to go low carb” or “go Keto, it’s amazing!” A few women I know have lost a great deal of weight going Keto (they are incidentally also beyond the age 50). My new doctor even recommended it to me. I was still skeptical.

Then I saw a video and a picture of myself recently and it felt like a gut punch. I actually think I’m pretty good about making myself, despite my negative self-talk, feel pretty good about my appearance. I buy clothes I think will best highlight my assets, I make an effort, and I put myself out there. But the evidence showed I’m too kind and need a little tougher love.

Going Low Carb

Sunday night I told my husband I was going to “dig deep” and follow this emergency fat loss plan a respected health coach developed. Phase 1 of the plan is no carbs or grains for the first two weeks. So, I decided to get my mind right and go for it.

Monday I didn’t eat a single carb or grain! I was so proud of myself. I never felt completely satiated all day, but I filled up on veggies and some fruits and protein. My stomach was growling a little when I went to bed, but I just forced myself to fall asleep and ignore it.

low carb

Low Carb Flu

Holy SHIT. Tuesday morning I woke up and felt like death. I was sweating and shaking. I could barely put one foot in front of the other. I truly felt like I had the flu. So I did some quick research to see if this would only last a couple of days. Again, I decided to “dig deep” so I didn’t want to give up too quickly. Several articles online said it could last 2-3 weeks and often up to 4 weeks! WEEKS!

Oh, hell NO! I couldn’t live like this. Being unhappy with my body composition was nothing to how bad this felt. I couldn’t get off the couch all day. I even started eating some carbs (slowly, I didn’t gorge!) and I still didn’t feel better until much later in the day.

A fit-loving girlfriend who is health conscious turned me to IIFYM (aka If It Fits Your Macros). I have previously shied away from this diet because health coaches have kind of rolled their eyes about it. Mostly, I think, because people end up eating cookies and beer because “it fits their macros!” and then complain they can’t lose weight.

But since my little was been born 3 1/2 years ago, I’ve gone through two nutrition coaches (with one I gained weight, with the other I only lost a few pounds in three months) and just about pulled my hair out. I don’t know what else to do!

So I’m giving IFFYM a try. I’m also working at Orange Theory Fitness. They just opened in my area and I’m stoked!! I hate cardio because my heart starts racing and feels like it’s going to pound out of my chest. It freaks me out, so I typically avoid. But at least with OTF, it’s intervals, so just when I start to feel like I could die, it’s time to back it down.

Bottom line: busy moms need carbs!! Going low carb is for the birds! If Keto works for you, GREAT! But it doesn’t work for me. So I’ve got new carb/protein/fat macros to follow and I’m back to tracking my food (which I hate because it’s just ONE MORE THING I have to do; like my to-do list needs to be ANY longer!).

Wish me the best!! I’ll keep you posted on my progress.