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My First Dollar Podcast

I’ve been hemming and hawing around for months now trying to decide if I should do a podcast. My initial mention of the idea to friends wasn’t overly well received. Of course, my idea wasn’t developed yet either. I was going to base it on this blog, but after more discussion with other creative friends, I have landed on my idea.

It’s called My First Dollar.

my first dollar

No matter what venture I pursue, it all comes back to one idea: I love telling stories. I’m a journalist at heart and I absolutely adore sharing stories. Nothing gets me more invigorated than a great story. I also have a heart for small businesses. My First Dollar was born.

The plan is to talk to CEOs and Average Joes (even kids who have lemonade stands!) about how they earned their first dollar and discuss business and marketing techniques. I think this is a perfect way to marry my two loves!

My biggest fear is my voice. I know everyone dislikes their voice (unless they are Mike Rowe), but I’ve also been worried most of my entertainment value lies in what you can see – my facial and physical expressions. While I think a video podcast or other visual medium would be a wonderful addition to this idea, I’m not a video editor and my skills are sub-par.

So I’m back on the podcast bandwagon. 🙂

This will be a great medium for me. An opportunity for my enthusiasm to radiate the airwaves without having to make sure my hair and make up are on point! You know I would worry about these things!! Presentation is everything!

I’m really excited about this! I haven’t been this excited about an idea in a really long time. You can find this podcast on iTunes and hope you’ll subscribe!