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Where I Spend Money

As a vivacious, fashion conscious woman of the world, it’s expected I enjoy the fine art of commerce. Or as my husband likes to say: I just like to spend money. I mean, he’s not wrong. 🙂

But I’m very particular about where I spend money. Basically, I spend the most at these 4 places.

spend money

Spend Money Like A Boss

1. Nordstrom
Oh, Nordstrom … I couldn’t love you more if I tried! Best selection of clothes, FABULOUS customer service and free shipping and returns. I AM SOLD. I’ve been a die-hard Nordies girl since I started making my own money. They are known for their outstanding returns policy, but when I lost a $120 gift card I received at Christmas … they pretty much issued me a new one immediately. I couldn’t believe it!! I was sure I would receive some pushback or several obstacles to overcome (I mean, that stands to reason!), but it was so easy and I was so happy! My mom was also so happy to as to have not wasted her money on a gift card I promptly lost the next day (and then found a month later LOL).

2. Amazon
This one really speaks for itself. You can find almost anything, easy to order, Prime is next level and so is their customer service. Unfortunately, I’ve become so accustomed to getting things in 2 days because of this fabulous service, I almost lose my mind when something doesn’t arrive immediately. I’ve also had issues with items not working and then realizing there is a no returns policy on it, but Amazon customer service always gives me a refund when I ask. LOVE THAT.

3. Target
Again, a pretty self-explanatory store, but if you’re a REDcard holder (and I am because, obviously), you get all kinds of awesome perks like free shipping on anything! With two kids in tow, I adore online shopping. It’s the reason we always have a package on the front porch. So knowing I can order online from their website or app (seriously, if you don’t have it, download it! You can also use it to track Cartwheel and Pay at the register when you’re in store!) and it will arrive quickly and free AND you still get to save 5%. SIGN ME UP! I’ve had some people tell me they have struggled with Target’s return policy, but I’ve never had an issue. Even when it was an electronics item.

4. Starbucks
I really love the green iced tea. I like the perks of being a Gold Card holder, and superb customer service. Honestly, I view all of my trips to Starbucks as little sprinkles of pampering. I always feel like they take care of their customers when you’re inside and that just makes me feel important to them. (Kind of silly, I know, but shouldn’t every customer be important to every retailer? It doesn’t always seem that way in other establishments.)

A bonus other place I spend money is Sephora. It’s not my absolute favorite, their two-day shipping is really like 3-5 day shipping (if you order on Thursday or Friday) but they do have products I’ve come to rely on and I can’t get at Nordies (and sometimes Amazon jacks up the prices of these luxury items, so you’ve gotta watch that!).

spend money

Clearly, all these retailers have a couple of commonalities: excellent customer service and easy shopping experiences. I frequently tell people I want to start being a customer service trainer because I could knock so many places into shape. Just for kicks, here’s my #1 customer service piece of advice in my guide to killing it with the customer.

The most important customer is the one standing right in front of you.

Write that down. Bookmark it. Take a screenshot, share it online and text it to your friends. NOTHING MAKES ME CRAZIER than going into a shop and not being acknowledged. Even if you’re working with someone else, just a quick smile and a “hi” goes a long way. But THE WORST is when you’re standing at a counter, alone, and there are employees buzzing all around you and NO ONE stops to ask how they can help. I’ve worked a lot of retail and I get it. Maybe you’re not a cashier. Maybe you’re not really in a position to do anything to help me anyway, but you know what? You can ask what I need and find the person who can help me. THE WORST OF THE WORST (and this has happened to me several times and it’s amazing I don’t totally lose my sh!t) you’re standing at a counter and the employee CALLS ANOTHER CUSTOMER to talk to them about something. WHILE I AM STANDING THERE LOOKING AT THEM. Thanks, bye Felicia. I’m taking my money elsewhere.

Where’s your favorite place to spend money? Maybe I need to add it to my list. 🙂 Sorry, honey.