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My 6 Year Old Wants A YouTube Channel

Any mom with kids of a certain age knows which YouTube channel their child is addicted to most. Fortunately, we have graduated from the videos of the person’s hands opening toys. Those were mind-numbing. I nearly lost my sanity several times enduring those with my daughter. My 6-year-old daughter Caroline now routinely watches Family Fun Pack, Daily Bumps, and CookieSwirlC.

The first two videos mentioned are more like little T.V. shows. Caroline knows all of the family members, anecdotes and other information about each of these people. Overall, I don’t mind them. During Christmas, though, they started to grate on my nerves with all of the magical things their Elf on a Shelf was doing. Caroline was driving me nuts with why her Elf wasn’t performing the same way. (I often cursed “Damn YouTube!”)

Talking About A YouTube Channel

A couple of months ago, my husband told Caroline she should have her own YouTube channel. Naturally, she thought it was an excellent idea. She wanted to do the videos, have subscribers and be the next big thing. I mean, I get it. A lot of adults feel the same way. But I immediately squashed her dreams. I said no way, no how, forget it. It’s not happening.

Then the other day, I started asking her more about some of her YouTube channel favorites. The level of sophistication she was able to discuss these channels and their subsidiary channels blew me away. She also shared the kids on Family Fun Pack were able to get their own YouTube channels when they were six years old. (Sneaky, I see what you did there, girlfriend.) So I asked her IF she were to have her own channel, what she would want to do, what she would want to call it and how it would go.

Her YouTube Channel Dreams

She told me she would need a graphic at the beginning of each video, she would introduce herself and she wanted to talk about crafts. We even spent some time brainstorming the name of her YouTube channel. Seriously, the level of her thought process was next level for a first grader. I couldn’t help but feel overwhelming pride about her intelligence and thoughtfulness.

youtube channel

So I told her we could give it a shot sans the official YouTube channel. I made a graphic, we have shot our first video and I’ve edited it. I plan to only share it on my personal Facebook page. I do want to let people see it because this amount of ingenuity deserves to be recognized.

I have to tell you though, she was a TRIP giving me instructions how all of the shots and angles I needed to capture in the video. I wanted to scream “OH MY GOD YOU’RE WORSE THAN ME!” LOL

Now let me be the first to introduce the newest “YouTube channel” – The Crafty Cutie.