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Sending Real Cards

Something I used to do frequently was to send or give cards. In high school, I was obsessed with the Hallmark line called “Out of the Blue.” I probably gave one out at least once a week.

Sometimes it was to apologize because I had been angry with a friend but most of the time it was because it simply made me happy to give someone something to make them happy.

Even back then, oh so many years ago, sending cards was a lost art form. But I intend to bring it back! I’m getting back to basics by reintroducing my favorite pick up me – sending real cards.

I began my quest to recapture this lost art and my love for sending cards at Valentine’s Day by sending “Gal-entines” cards to my girlfriends.


Isn’t it so cute?! I bought it on Etsy. The cards were blank on the inside and I inserted a simple message on the inside. Nothing flowery or over the top. Just genuine and heartfelt. And one sentence. They were well received which made me so happy!

Recently, I discovered an app to help me in my quest to send cards more frequently. Punkpost is amazing! I just sent my first card from the app to a friend and I’m blown away! The ease, the attention to detail, and the flair! It made sending a card from an app seem really personal! My friend was equally delighted. So I’ve just sent a second card because I loved it so much!


And, of course, my friend is the cutest sending me this pic. ❤ But look at the inside! Other handwriting options are available, so don’t worry, you can send more serious or less flashy cards.


What do you think? Are you inspired to try to send more cards to your friends and family?