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Review: The Wife Between Us

“The Wife Between Us” is a suspense novel tempting you from the moment you pick it up. The cover invites you to “read between the lies.” Immediately, I was hooked. All I could think was “Gah! What is going to happen?!”

For months I had anxiously been waiting for this book to come out. Sarah Pekkanen is one of my favorite writers. As a writer myself, I was also intrigued by how she co-wrote “The Wife Between Us” with Greer Hendricks.

I will say, early on, the confusion about what was going on started to aggravate me. Mostly because I was determined to figure out what was happening before it was confirmed by the authors. 🙂 However, the end of part one gave me the nugget of information I needed to start piecing things together and entice me to keep reading and I’m SO GLAD I did!! As soon as I finished, I was telling everyone to put this book on their reading list.

Sadly, I didn’t figure it all out, but I did start to enjoy the twists and turns!

the wife between us

If you’re interested the way I was about how the two writers worked together side-by-side, check out this article from Stay Thirsty Magazine.

In April, I’m so excited to see them in Indianapolis at the Christamore House Book and Author Event. Authors I love never seem to come to town (though I have traveled to see them!).  Stay tuned to my Instagram account the day I see them, I’m sure I will fangirl out!

The Wife Between Us is a great read for spring break or this summer!