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Review: The Mountain Between Us

The Mountain Between Us by Charles Martin was engaging, entertaining and earnest. Did you enjoy the alliteration I did there in the last sentence?! #wordnerd At first, the great detail about how they were surviving and all of the complexities of their altitude was wearing on me. But as the novel continued, I grew to really respect it. I found the ending anti-climactic, but as you may be figuring out, I’m as hard on everyone else as I am myself, so I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out the things I didn’t enjoy, if even for a short time. 🙂

At the end of every novel, I always read the author acknowledgments. I enjoy gaining little insights into the author, the process, and their inspiration. Martin shared this wasn’t his first novel and, in fact, he had written another story before “The Mountain Between Us” and it had been rejected. He invited the reader to visit his blog to learn more. I read all about his rejection and how painful it was for him. As a self-published author, I was inspired. I also fell down the rabbit hole, so to speak, and read about five more blog posts. LOL

He also talked about how difficult it was for him to write “The Mountain Between Us” and how his editor wasn’t sure the story would work; but once the editor read the great detail and obvious research Martin had done to put this book together, he was sold. This also gave me a newfound respect for the great detail that once wore on me a bit while reading.

the mountain between us

As you may know, the Kate Winslet/Idris Elba movie is based on this book. You can read all about Martin’s thoughts on the movie as compared to his book here. I found the movie frustrating as most readers do, but if you haven’t read the book, you might think differently. My husband enjoyed the movie and never read the book.

Book Club Fun

Another little bit of fun info to share with you surrounding why I read this book… a few months ago, a friend invited me to be part of a book club she was putting together. We’ve only read two books so far (“The Mountain Between Us” being our second book), but I always have The. Most. Fascinating. discussions with these women and I’m always anxious to begin the next book because I’m so excited to talk about it with them. The other two women who have been attending aren’t women I knew previous to this club, but I’ve come to adore them. It’s been awesome!

Moral of the story: join a book club. This is the third one I’ve tried. The first two ended up falling apart and we never ended up having a second book to read. So we’re on book number three, so I’m feeling really good this book club will be sustainable!