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Review: I’m Fine … And Other Lies

So, I’m not sure how or why “I’m Fine … And Other Lies” by Whitney Cummings entered my world, but the bottom line is once I read the title, I immediately knew this book was meant for me. I am somewhat private about my struggle with anxiety and depression, but the title coupled with the cover image of the author – smile plastered on her face with water up to her neck – made me feel frustrated I hadn’t written my autobiography first because this title would be perfect.

The book was delightful! It had a perfect mix of hilarious, heart-wrenching and entertaining stories. This book actually took me a bit longer to read than most because I kept stopping to crack up laughing and then tell the closest person (usually my husband) what had just happened because it was just too good not to share.

i'm fine and other lies

I’m More Than Fine With Vera 🙂

I also enjoyed the self-help insights from her therapist, she named Vera in the book. Vera said you need to get in touch with your inner child. A few different ideas were shared, but I’ve decided to try one suggested because my poor self-esteem and body image issues seem to only be getting worse. I started a photo album on my iPhone called “Get Better” and have saved a few pictures of my younger self as well as a couple of motivational quotes.

Vera said everytime you say something negative to yourself, you’re really saying it to your five-year-old self. As a way to remind myself, I’ve got these pictures to look at any time I want to be mean or hateful to myself. I can’t imagine speaking to that young girl in this way. It brings tears to my eyes to even think of it. Hopefully, this will motivate me to speak more kindly and give myself a freaking break once in a while.

Queen of Words Final Words

In true Queen of Words fashion, I can’t end this post without sharing my subtle annoyances. Cummings overuse of the following words made me want to send her to word jail: aforementioned, anthropomorphic, amygdala and gesticulated.

Despite my penchant for finding fault in all things, I think you’ll enjoy “I’m Fine … And Other Lies” if you find yourself similar to me or Cummings.